Monday, March 3, 2014

Fashion Week Madness as a Genre of Fashion Photography, plus Giovanna Battaglia and Anya Ziourova

outside Derek Lam
It is hardly an original thought that Fashion Week has become a circus, full of preening personal style bloggers, editors in gifted clothes, and paparazzi-like street style photographers hustling to become the next Scott Schuman. In fact, the craziness of Fashion Week has itself become a kind of genre of street style photography. Photographers now often include other photographers in the background of their shots as if they leant them ambience or credibility. Once gain, street style is beginning to comment on its own artifice, its own context of production. Of course, editing such photographers out of such shots is getting increasingly difficult, so perhaps they are simply embracing the inevitable.

Above is a shot of W Magazine contributor and senior fashion editor from Vogue Japan Giovanna Battaglia attempting to enter the front door of the Derek Lam show at Sean Kelley Gallery. Below is Russian socialite, couture-buyer, and street-style celebrity Anya Ziourova soaking up the attention before Prabal Gurung.
outside Prabal Gurung

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