Monday, February 17, 2014

Irene Kim, Sliding on Ice Outside Band of Outsiders

The Band of Outsiders presentation took place on Wooster Street in Soho, after a particularly long day of shooting street style outside runway shows. The light was getting dim. I had to boost the ISO on my camera up to 400 or so. And I'd gotten tired of positioning myself next to the band of photographers clustered next to the entrance. I walked up the street to a well-graffitied corner that I thought would make a good backdrop and waited. Several minutes later, model, television personality, and street-style ham Irene Kim showed up and put on a brief show for myself, Koo, Nam, and a couple other Korean street-style photographers. Here are some of the many shots I got from that. I'll have more of Irene Kim's antics to show in the coming weeks. Let me just say for now that Kim is killing it. She's forcing the fashion world to pay attention to her by grabbing the attention of its most prominent street-style photographers. I missed the now-infamous shots of Kim posing on a tractor that you've very possibly already seen on The Cut or on or somewhere. But I got Kim sliding on ice, Kim running up and down the street in front of Prabal Gurung, and Kim posing in front of a couple of other heavily-graffitied walls. Stay tuned.  

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