Thursday, February 13, 2014

Escape from New York: New York Fashion Week Day Seven

outside Jeremy Scott

outside Jeremy Scott

The mood was low yesterday at Day Seven of New York Fashion Week. It was cold, a mere 17 degrees when I arrived at Lincoln Center for Nanette Lepore. Hardly anyone was in the courtyard. Some days you just don't feel like dressing up, and a day like today — right at the end of a grueling week of shows and after-parties — was one of those days. Editors had begun re-wearing outfits. Bloggers were dashing inside, instead of lingering to have their pictures taken. Photographers were busy worrying that their flights to London tomorrow would be canceled on account of the impending storm. There was a general sense of ennui oozing out of the sidewalks.

As for me, I feel so done with Fashion Week I can't even tell you. I couldn't muster up the energy to chase down models or compete with masses of photographers to get the best shot of Joanna Hillman or Hanneli Mustaparta. It all just seemed so pointless. When I got on the Bolt Bus last night, one of the last to leave New York before the storm, I felt an incredible sense of relief. I get to go back to sleeping in to 7:30 every morning! I get to be indoors where it's warm instead of standing around on sub-freezing sidewalks all day! I'm sure I have plenty of thoughts and theories about New York Fashion Week to share with you, but at the moment, I can't think of any. Check back in the coming few weeks for more pics and notes.   

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