Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Stephanie, off 5th St

Philadelphia punk harcore

Philadelphia hardcore punk cut offs

Stephanie does punk like a Southern Californian, with American-Apparel-style high-waisted cut-offs,  traces of Rockabilly and metal, and just a touch of thrift-store granny chic. It's enough to make me nostalgic. 

Here, she's wearing a band T-shirt for the hardcore act No Quantums, a jacket from Wet Seal that she got when she "was like 14," some cut-offs from Philly AIDS Thrift ("maybe Levis?"), and, of course, a pair of classic Doc Marten boots. When I asked her about her style, she said, "I don't know. I kind of wake up and throw on whatever." But she does tend to wear shorts year-round, she elaborated, along with tights and high socks. "I guess it's kinda grungy," she concluded about her style. "But only kinda," I added. The teddy bear backpack I didn't see until the photo shoot proper was over. I had to snap one more shot.

You might be able to guess this, but she listens to a good deal of punk rock, doom, and hardcore. She's also affiliated with a hardcore venue called Sam's Vegan Steakhouse in South Philly. Check out their facebook page here

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