Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NYFW Street Style: After Dianne Von Furstenberg

It snowed yesterday in Philly, and not just a little. We broke records, set new precedents. My neighborhood has disappeared beneath a 13-inch blanket of white. And right now, it's 3 degrees outside, with a windchill factor of -14. I am not leaving my house today. 

So here, snow-trapped people of the East Coast, is a picture of happier times — the last days of summer, and one of the last days of New York Fashion Week, when short dresses were everywhere, scarves were merely for decoration, and flowers and polka dots burst from our clothing, as if the world were just so rich with color, pattern, and texture, why not add more? It's not like we're going to run out. We used to be warm once, long long ago. I can almost remember what it felt like.  


  1. Ah yes, Summer....I remember that, sort of.

  2. This east coast snow has got go! This photo warms me up though! Or maybe its the heater im standing on... probs both


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