Wednesday, January 1, 2014

NYFW Street Style: After Diane Von Furstenberg

I stopped this young woman shortly after she had arrived at Lincoln Center. No one was paying attention to her, even as they scoured the new arrivals looking for the stylish among the many. She seemed quite delighted to be asked, all shy smiles, and anxious poses. It was one of those rare moments at Fashion Week where you feel like you've made a real —albeit short term — connection with another human being. By the time I was done taking her picture she was surrounded by photographers, and she staid surrounded for at least the next hour or so afterwards. I would catch glimpses of her occasionally as I wandered the plaza looking for new subjects to shoot. Her poses grew more confident, and the shy smile grew bolder and more assertive. I watched her transform from another stylish member of the crowd into a sought-after model. 

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