Friday, November 29, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Shakari, Walnut St

I've photographed Shakari before, back in November of 2012. She's been one my most popular posts on Tumblr, reblogged hundreds of times. I spotted her on Walnut and Broad, and we did that double-take thing you do when you recognize someone but can't quite place them. Center City is full of double-takes for me these days. I see all sorts of familiar faces. Shooting street style has transformed my relationship with the city. Philly feels more and more like my own. 

Here she's wearing a jacket from Rockers Closet, jeans from H&M, shoes from H&M, a scarf "from Grandma," a thrifted hoodie, and a cap her friend gave her. She described her style to me as "comfortable," then added "shnazzy." "With an 'H'?" I asked. "With an 'H'," she confirmed.

As for music, she's been listening to Daughter lately, along with Bon Iver, and Odd Future. Since lots of her friends are in bands, she listens to their stuff too. 

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