Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New York Street Style: Marilyn, Lincoln Highway

These are some of my favorite pictures, not just from fashion week, but from this whole street style project. I didn't know who this was until one of readers graciously gave me her name and contact info. Hurray for the Internet! Marilyn is not wearing anything special in this picture, or even dressed all that fashionably in any conventional sense. But she reveals so much strength and composure in these shots, that they make a lot of my fashion photos seem trite. 


  1. Very empowering shots! You're right, in a way it does make other fashion shots trite.

  2. Her name is Marilyn Rondon. She's an illustrator living in Brooklyn. Here is the link to her site with contact info.

  3. @kelleymullarkey wow! thanks! that was remarkably easy. This Internet thing is kind of awesome.

    1. No problem! Her tattoos have been a serious inspiration to me so I've been slightly obsessed ever since I stumbled upon her work!


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