Friday, October 18, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Tevin, Walnut St

This past Wednesday, the Urban Outfitters on Walnut St was doing open interviews. For a street style photographer with a preference for urban subcultural looks, it was like Black Friday come early. Cool kids were lined up outside, waiting for their interview, and I lingered near the entrance, pulling them aside as they came out.

Tevin was my first subject/victim. Here he's wearing a COP Connection shirt, Polo boots (untied with the tongue hanging down, as is the fashion, I'm told), an Artex beanie, and a pair of camo pants by someone or other, whose brand failed to make an imprint on Tevin.

Tevin describes his style as "different things on different days. Sometimes retro, sometimes hipster, sometimes classic," as in, like, wingtips and blazers. He "doesn't like to be limited" by labels. The same goes for his musical preference which tends towards R&B and hip hop, but also includes pop, rock, and old jazz. 

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