Monday, October 14, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Lauryn, 3rd and Market

The worst thing is when you get home, look through all the pictures you shot that day and discover that there's some dude who managed to squeeze himself into every single frame. Then the task is just to find a shot where he's sufficiently indistinct in the background to not distract from the image. In this one, I managed to reduce him to pair of legs. Note to self: be more patient. Keep taking pictures until that dude goes away. Or find another angle to shoot at that doesn't have him in it. That's the thing about street style photography. It works best when it features its subjects in isolation. So much for context.

In this picture, Lauryn is wearing an H&M jacket and Forever 21 shirt. The woven joggers are Forever 21 as well. Those bright blue shoes are Aldo. The sunglasses are Prada. I asked Lauryn about her style and she said something along the lines of "It's funnny you should ask. This girl just passed by and told me I was 'vintage.' I think she meant 'retro.'" Then she went on to describe herself as "urban retro." As far as music is concerned, she's been listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse lately, along with Solange's new album. She's also a big fan of "old school" stuff like Donny Hathaway, Tracy Chapman, and the blues. I'm a big fan of her afro. It drew me in from a hundred feet away. 

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  1. sometimes people in the background don't detract but add to the scene.
    ps This woman has incredible style.


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