Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Jamele, 3rd St

Cultured Couture

Cultured Couture

Cultured Couture
Jamele works at Cultured Couture, one of Philly's coolest vintage clothing stores in Old City. I stopped him walking down 3rd St, and we hit the nearest alley for this shoot.

As a vintage store guy, Jamele has pieced together his look from here and there. He described his style to me as "Fuck it! Ballsy," and went on to elaborate that he likes dressing in a way that "looks like an old person, but is still young and hip." In keeping with that, he's wearing a jacket by Burberry over a Levis denim jacket and a Ralph Lauren oxford. His belt is Hermès. His trousers, spattered with paint, are also Ralph Lauren. That hat he "just picked up somewhere." The sunglasses are Porshe Carrera frames. His shoes, he emphatically pronounced, are Belgian Loafers. The Belgian part, he explained, is very important. He is wearing them, in the style of the moment, without socks. That trend is scheduled to expire, by the way, in approximately three weeks, when temperatures dip down into the 50s. Jamele's musical taste veers into the territory of 70s-style electro funk, sort of in the vein of Daft Punk's new record.

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