Thursday, September 26, 2013

NYFW Street Style: Chérmelle D. Edwards, Coffeetographer

coffeetographer smdlr rag&bone

smdlr coffeetographer rag&bone

One of the best things about shooting Fashion Week is all the other bloggers you meet and new blogs you discover. One of my favorite new discoveries from this past Fashion Week was Chérmelle Edwards' (short for "small, medium, large"), a street style blog documenting the looks of patrons at New York coffee shops. I also had some really nice conversations with Chérmelle. She describes herself as a "coffeetographer," and we bonded over the anthropological ambitions of each of our projects. These pictures are of Chérmelle outside the Rag & Bone show at Skylight on 33rd St. This is the location, by the way, that I heard the most complaints about from other street style photographers. Too many commuters on their way to or from Penn Station asking why there are so many photographers around.

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