Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And Fashion Week Drags on to Day Seven

Blah blah Fashion Week blah blah. By now the collective intelligence of the Internet has done as much thinking as it needs to do about New York Fashion Week. Too many Instagrams of runway shows. Too many selfies of wannabe starlets with a New York skyline in the background. Too many sweeping proclamations about Fall trends and "the next big thing." And yet there's still another day to go. It was 92 degrees in New York City for Day Seven. The bloggers were sticky and wet. The models were bedraggled and worn. The editors were already thinking about London and Milan. Just about all of us had already had enough of New York Fashion Week.
I've shot an awful lot of models these past few days. Here's another one, posing for photographers after Reed Krakoff. I'll be putting up the best of these shots in the days to come. 
Japanese Vogue editor Anna Della Russo arrived at Fashion Week only a day or two ago. Fashionably late, of course. The bloggers missed her and swarmed her today at every opportunity. This is the best shot I managed to get without punching anyone in the face. In a season where dressing down is the norm, Anna most certainly did not.
The big story to emerge out of New York Fashion Week Day Seven was that a freight elevator got stuck between floors at the show for Philosophy di Alberta Feretti. A number of high-profile editors and assorted other fashion industry big-wigs were on board. This being 2013, they all started Instagraming it immediately. I wasn't there, but word spread fast among the bloggers. Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21eme later relayed the events to me. He was a bit shaken by it, not because anyone was in any imminent danger. They weren't. But when it happened, he was stuck next to the elevator and offered to help lift a bunch of people out. No one would take his help, presumably because he's a photographer in an industry with a deep ambivalence towards photographers.  And so, with nothing else for him to do, he took a picture of the event on his iPhone, not to sell to magazines (he has a Nikon D4 for that) but just for personal recollection. When the elevator resumed operation, and the passengers stepped off, several of them called him "a fucking asshole" and worse. Several then proceeded to give him the cold shoulder at shows that afternoon. I heard Adam shout out an apology t one of the elevator passengers outside Reed Krakoff. But it was To no avail. The woman in question stomped by without so much as looking at him. So Adam feels terrible about doing what more or less everyone was doing in the situation (and which also happens to be his job), taking a picture.
My itinerary today began at Lincoln Center for the crowds exiting Michael Kors and the ones entering Nanette Lepore. I then walked down to 55th St for Proenza Schouler. When that was over, I hopped in a cab with three other photographers over to Chelsea Market. We got lunch and walked over to shoot Jeremy Scott. That was a big event in February, attracting all sorts of awesome freaks. This time it was a bit more mellow, a few scant club kids in neon. So I headed up a few blocks to 22nd St for Reed Krakoff instead. To end my day, I ran up to Lincoln Center again briefly, where I took exactly zero shots during the exit of Betsey Johnson. I then hopped on the bus home.  


  1. I find it fascinating that the more resentful you feel, the better your images get..

  2. Thanks @simbarashe. I wonder, though, if I've actually taken better images, or simply gotten impatient to post my best images from the day! Have a great trip to London and Paris.

  3. Thanks @simbarashe. I wonder, though, if I've actually taken better images, or simply gotten impatient to post my best images from the day! Have a great trip to London and Paris.

  4. Thanks for sharing rof sharing it. Hope you had enjoyed


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