Friday, August 9, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Lyani, Walnut St

I came across Lyani on Walnut St, waiting for her sister and managing to carry off the difficult task of looking picturesque, while leaning against a trash can and texting. 

Some guy kept pestering me while I tried to shoot her picture, asking if I was shooting for the Inquirer or The Daily News. I told him "no," and that Big Rube does The Daily News. He seems skeptical, but complimented me on my choice of subjects anyway.

Lyani had "no idea" what her dress was. She just "found it on a rack somewhere and grabbed it." It turned out to be Janette Fashion, but that didn't clarify anything for either of us. Her shoes are Steve Madden. Her backpack is Army Navy. Her earrings are by a small Atlanta jeweler who goes by Boho Gal. You can check out her stuff on Etsy here.

Lyani describes her style as "comfortable eclectic." And as for music, she listens to "everything," particularly "world music, salsa, and hip hop." 

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