Monday, August 26, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Khabeer, 17th St

adidas hightops yellow tie-dye
"Me?" Khabeer asked, incredulous, as I stopped him for his picture. "You think I have street style?" "Yes," I told him, seeing in the odd juxtaposition of elements that comprise this outfit exactly that sort of mysterious quality I'm looking for in a street style subject. A tie-dye tank-top, paired with black skinny jeans, gaudy jewelry, pink nail polish, and big floppy Adidas? Yes, that'll do. 

The tank is via Urban Outfitters. The skinny jeans are Bdg, the high-tops, of course, Adidas. The sunglasses and jewelry, on the other hand, are from some "cheap store on South St." Khabeer was in a bit of a hurry or I would have asked him about his style and musical taste as well. I am, I admit, curious how Khabeer might have described his sense of style. 
yellow adidas hightops

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