Friday, August 30, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Chuck, at Ubiq, Walnut St

Chuck Ubiq shop window Air Jordan
I found Chuck sitting in the store window outside Ubiq on Walnut St, one of Philly's premier streetwear shops and generally a great place to spot street style. See another one of my shots from Ubiq's store window here
ubiq shop window Philly
Chuck describes his style as "boho hobo." He's been listening to a lot of early '90s dance and house music lately (carrying on the '90s theme that's been happening on the blog these last few weeks), in addition to neo-soul, "and of course hip hop." His shoes are Air Jordan Black Cement 3. His pants are Righteous Rebel Denim & Apparel. His tank is H&M, his flannel Old Navy. The hat he found at a thrift store.I appreciate the way Chuck has customized these clothes, adding his own DIY modifications and personal touches. And I like how he mixes name brands with fast fashion. That's becoming a running theme.
customized Air Jordan black

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