Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Ashley, Walnut St

American Apparel short shorts tattoos

Ashley works for American Apparel, and all of the clothes she's wearing in this shot come from there. When I asked her how she would describe her style she drew a blank, as most of us probably would. "This is hard," she said. "I know," I agreed. Finally, she told me that although she's not from California, she'd describe her style as "Cali summer fun." "I am from California," I told her, though I hope she didn't take this as some kind of proprietary claim over Cali summer fun. I always sort of skipped over the summer fun part of California living anyway. As for her musical taste, it runs towards surf rock, she told me, with a little lo-fi thrown in. "Like, '60s surf rock?" I asked. "Yeah, and some modern stuff too," she replied. I told her to check out the Indonesian surf rock band The Southern Beach Terror, some friends of mine from Yogyakarta.You should too. They're on SoundCloud.  

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