Friday, April 26, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Tad, Walnut St

Tad is a musician who busks in Center City. She gave me great tips about where the best places to busk are and when, but I'm not going to tell you them, because that would constitute insider information, and you might just take your guitar and go out and compete against her.

I dig how DIY her look is, everything customized, everything scrawled upon. The "Hell Yeah!" on her guitar says it all.

By the way, I said a couple of posts ago that I would start asking people what they're wearing again. I will, don't worry, but I've got a back log of a couple of weeks' worth of images to post before the effects of that new policy are visible on this site. I happen to know, however, what Tad is wearing: awesomeness.

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