Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New York Street Style: Wataru "Bob" Shimosato, NYFW

Wataru "Bob" Shimosato does one of my favorite street style blogs, An Unknown Quantity. He's also one of the better dressed street style photographers covering New York Fashion Week. I think of him, along with Adam Katz Sinding and Youngjun Koo, as part of the "school of blur," a group of Nikon-toting New York-based cool kids who have mastered the art of bokeh, the background blur that results when you open up the aperture of a camera to one of its widest settings. It lends his photos the same sort of moody mystique he cultivates in his personal style. I don't think I've quite captured that in this picture. My photos have not yet achieved the right contrast of crystal clear subjects and dense blurry backgrounds. But I'm working on it.     

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  1. I haven't been able to figure out the Bokeh yet, but it does make street style shots look just that much better. I've been following An Unknown Quantity for about a year, and enjoy seeing what catches his eye.


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