Monday, March 11, 2013

Chiara Ferragni, Outside Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

Chiara Ferragni is the superstar blogger behind The Blonde Salad. I caught her outside the Roseland Ballroom in New York on the second to last day of Fashion Week. And by I, I mean myself and a whole mess of other street style bloggers. For insight into how infested with street style bloggers fashion week is these days, watch this cool documentary on

The other day, I had a long, really fascinating conversation via Google video Chat with Nadia of the critical fashion/media blog Listen Girlfriends. She asked me if shooting at Fashion Week had changed the way I look at blogs at all. I told her, yes. It had. And one of the concrete ways in which it's changed how I look at blogs is that I pay far more attention to the direction of peoples' eyes in their pictures. I used to assume that when someone was looking away from the camera in a street style pic, it was a stylistic choice of the photographer. Now I tend to assume it means that the subject was, in fact, posing for a different photographer. That, after all, is the reality of shooting at fashion weeks. Even the biggest name photographers aren't necessarily able to get exclusive shoots of style icons without other people jumping in.

In these pictures of Chiara, it's quite easy to tell when she's posing for me and when she's posing for someone else. It's all in the direction of the eyes. Once you start paying attention to it, it's hard not to notice.  


  1. Huh, I never consciously noticed that before- I guess partly because I've slacked on the fashion blogs I used to follow. Makes sense though!

  2. It's funny, before I read the text and saw your 2nd photo I thought, wow such a great shot considering how many other photographers were there! Great work, as always!



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