Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New York Street Style: DJ Stiletto, 18th St

Some of my favorite pictures from NYFW were taken far away from Lincoln Center, even if their subjects weren't exactly strangers to the events. I caught model, DJ, and activist Mari Malek, AKA DJ Stiletto, strolling by outside IFBcon on 18th St, when I wasn't even looking for photos. The striking Sudanese beauty was rather hard to miss. She agreed to let me shoot her picture only on the condition that I link to her organization, Southern Sudan Initiative, a non-profit she founded to promote sustainable development in war-torn Southern Sudan. Please visit her site and donate. 


  1. She is stunning! Shrewd move on her part to get you to promote her organization.

    1. No doubt. I was perfectly comfortable with her conditions.

  2. One of my favorite pics yet, absolutely stunning.


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