Friday, February 22, 2013

Blogger-Certified Style Icon: Anna Della Russo, NYFW

Anna Della Russo is Editor-at-Large for Vogue Japan and a blogger in her own right. But if you haven't heard of her before, don't feel bad. She's not exactly a household name. Except, of course, in the street style blogosphere. There she is a celebrity beyond compare. Pictures of the vivacious Italian with her bold, and distinctive fashion sensibility, light up nearly every street style blog to have ever graced a fashion week. No doubt this has something to do with her willingness to ham it up for a camera. Notice the pictures of her dancing in the street above. It also has something to do with the friendliness and approachability she manages to convey on screen. This is, perhaps, less palpable in person, but then, how friendly can you be surrounded by dozens of over-dressed photographers?

Anna didn't show up at New York Fashion Week until Day 5. There was a noticeable unrest among the bloggers. Leandra Medine even posted a soliloquy to the missing Anna on her hugely popular, and often sardonic, blog The Man Repeller. And then, somewhere around Day 4, whispers circulated among the camera crowd that Anna, so grossly missing from our shots, would be arriving tomorrow. The above represent a mere two days of my Anna Della Russo pics. Just imagine what a whole week of them might have produced.

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  1. Anna is certainly the darling of the street style photographers. I'm a bit tired of seeing her everywhere, but I can see how her over-the-top style is a magnet for photographers.


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