Monday, December 17, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Elisabeth, South St

When I introduced myself and asked to take Elisabeth's picture she said "Oh, I love Urban Fieldnotes!" making this the first and only time someone has told me any such thing out on the streets. She's wearing a vintage Pegasus dress, shoes by Sam Edelman, a vintage purse, a French Cuff jacket (though none of us had ever heard of such a brand), and a belt by H&M, lending further evidence to my hypothesis that nearly everyone on the streets of Philly is wearing an item from H&M at any given time. 


  1. Ahh that's awesome! It's great to get feedback on your site, especially when it's a positive one! And this young lady is stunning! I love her fresh face.

  2. Elisabeth is one of my best friends! So great to see her fun style featured somewhere. Also, your photos are lovely!

    Josie Davis

  3. Snaps for your first blog recognition! You two were meant to meet :)


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