Monday, November 5, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Cara, Walnut St

Cara's outfit is 100 percent thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. Except for the boots. They're from $39, a shop in NYC where everything costs, you guessed it, $39. 

My favorite of these shots is the last one, with the woman passing by eyeing us suspiciously. A lot of my shots have someone playing this role, but I don't usually include them on the site. I had been emulating, perhaps subconsciously, the model of most other street style photographers who carefully edit out pedestrians and passerbys, even in crowded urban locales like New York and London. Sometimes it's as if the shots were taken in a post-apocalyptic city, with the streets desserted and zombies occupying the subway system below. I've never been that great at keeping pedestrians out of the frame, largely because I tend to shoot on the most populated streets in Philly. I am a hazard, standing in the middle of the sidewalk taking shots while people are forced to go around me. 

Someone handed me a flier the other day for a photo contest about sidewalk obstructions. Send them a picture of anything that prevents pedestrians from walking freely through the city, and we would be eligible to win. The only thing I could think of to photograph, however, was myself.   

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  1. Buffalo Exchange is such a great mix of styles! I love going there to be inspired.


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