Friday, November 9, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Taylor, Spruce St


I had to follow Taylor for like five blocks before finally catching up to her. Sometimes the line between street style photographer and stalker is a little blurrier than I might like to think.

Taylor is wearing a jacket by Juicy Couture, a sweater by Theory, jeans from J Brand, and Tory Burch shoes. 

Notice I have stopped putting brand names in the post titles. It just felt too cheap and gross. Now they're confined to the content and labels, where they can feign neutrality. I have rendered them data.

And for you camera nerds out there, notice I have closed the aperture a bit (from around 1.4-1.8 to 2.2-2.5), allowing for a bit deeper of a depth of field. I wanted to show more of the background and be more than a one trick pony. I'm still a fan of the blur, but I'm attempting moderation.

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  1. Love what she is wearing! Simplicity. The color of that coat is awesome.
    As long as she didn't see you following for 5 blocks you're clear! :P


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