Thursday, October 18, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Paula in Doc Martens and Etsy Chic, Broad St

Paula looked the super-seriousness of street style photography in the face and chose to smile instead. Here she is in an ensemble carefully scraped together from multiple boutiques. She is more of a boutique person, she says, than a brand person. She prefers the crafty to the "crafted in Italy," Etsy to Net-a-Porter. And I think she does right by it. I love the colors in the scarf and belt, the playful indie ("put a bird on it!") motifs, and the radiant delight with which she wears them.

Notice the title of this post. I managed to fit two brand names into a single one. This is no accident. Urban Fieldnotes has entered a new phase of experimental investigation. I'm calling it "Poke the Brands and See What Happens." 

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