Friday, October 5, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Nate, Walnut St

Nate was, quite fairly, a bit suspicious of my reasons for taking his picture. "Will it be on your website?" he asked. "Will it be on your Facebook page?" I showed him my card, explained the site and the project, and he decided he was cool with it, especially after he saw the pictures. Almost everyone is. But it shocked me into the realization that it has been a long time since anyone I've taken a picture of for this site has given their online exposure a second thought. What a strange world we live in where taking pictures of strangers on the streets and posting them online is just an ordinary thing! That used to be a privacy violation. Now it's the norm. This is not, I'm guessing, the status quo Scott Schuman faced when he was first starting out, or Liisa Jokinen of Hel Looks, or any number of the other bloggers of the early years (say 2005, 2006). Back then, bloggers no doubt had some explaining to do.   


  1. Is his hairline tattooed? Never seen that before...

  2. @r not sure if it's tattooed or penciled on. I haven't seen it before either. But then Nate is a pretty unique cat.


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