Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Dayana in Philly-Style Muslim Chic, Walnut St

For the last few months, one of my primary goals for this blog has been to capture the variety of sartorial sensibilities that make up the city of Philadelphia. I feel like I've done a reasonably good job with that, but I'm well aware that a number of styles have continued to elude me. One of the styles I have been most keen to depict has been that of the numerous African-American Muslim women that lend such a distinctive look and feel to this city. I've seen no shortage of African-American Muslim women while shooting for this blog, but I've carefully maintained one simple rule for myself: I am not allowed to photograph someone simply because they fit a particular demographic. They must also be stylish and visually striking. They must be someone, in other words, I would have photographed whether they fit that demographic or not. Now don't get me wrong. There are lots of stylish African-American Muslim women in this town. It's just that I've happened to encounter fewer of them when I've had my camera out. I am working to correct that oversight right now. Dayana is the first of many shots I hope to get of Muslim chic, Philly-Style.

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