Monday, October 22, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Daphne in Yiga Azruël, Chloé, Graham & Spencer, and R13, Walnut St

Daphne is wearing Graham & Spencer leggings, R13 denim shorts, a Yiga Azruël scarf over a Mayle shirt, and a pair of rather dazzling Chloé shoes. I don't know what possessed me to ask her what she was wearing, a question, by the way, I've been meaning to start asking people for months now, but it just never felt right. But talking to Daphne, looking effortlessly chic in a draped black scarf, it just felt natural, even common sensical to do so. And Daphne was more than prepared to answer. I'm going to try to keep up this line of questioning. It provides good ethnographic data, enhances my education on fashion, and, of course, fits right in to my new scheme of dropping lots of brand names and seeing what happens. It only took two mentions of American Apparel on this site before they approached me to advertise on it. Let's see how these brands do. 

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