Monday, September 17, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Frank, Walnut St

Urban Fieldnotes is back! In Philly and in action. Sorry, readers, for the long delay. It has been an insane past few days. After three weeks in motion in California, visiting family, friends, and colleagues, I promptly screwed myself once arriving back in Philly by leaving my backpack in the trunk of a cab — and yes, all of the things you might worry would be inside of it were: laptop, old camera, un-backed-up photographs and files, memories, dear cab driver, I would really love to have back (so please, on the off chance that you read my site, have a heart and send my backpack back to me). I've been in emergency mode ever since, calling cab companies and parking authority complaint lines, changing passwords, signing up with an identity theft protection service, the whole bit. I haven't checked my stats in days, let alone thought about updating anything. The experience was crushing. And in some ways kind of liberating, as if my addiction to blogging had been temporarily relieved.

But today, for the first time, I put that all aside and took to the streets. It felt awesome. Philadelphians, you should be proud. It took me a fraction of the time to find interesting people to shoot here than it did in California, and that includes my time in Hollywood.

Frank, up top, has the honor of being my first subject since getting back. I'm digging the fro and the Members Only jacket.

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  1. Oh no! Well there still are some decent people in the world, and hopefully you're stuff will be returned! Thankfully your new camera wasn't inside!!


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