Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I got my backpack back!

Yesterday I got a message through Urban Fieldnotes' Facebook page from the wife of the cab driver whose trunk I left my backpack in last week. So last night, with a colleague of mine from Drexel in tow, I headed down to South Philly to pick it up. I had visions, of course, of extortion, blackmail, and hostage scenarios playing out in my head. I read the news, after all. I know I'm supposed to be afraid of everything all the time. Of course, none of that happened. What I found was a kind woman wanting to do the right thing. Thank you! And yes, my laptop, old camera, and all my personal items were inside. There are good people in this town. Looking forward to getting out and capturing more of them on "film."


  1. Amazing!!! That's so awesome : ) I bet that's the best feeling in the world. Being surprised by someone who is kind is a rare thing these days, but it still happens!

  2. Thank god!!! Lucky you, i've had my phone stolen, unfortunately no one was kind enough to return it to me.

  3. So glad you got your stuff back, and the story certainly makes one feel more optimistic that there are still kind strangers out there!


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