Thursday, August 9, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Justina, Walnut St

Photographing Justina was my first experience contending with a subject's father. He was polite, respectful, and ultimately quite appreciative of the pictures I took, but he was understandably suspicious of my intentions and motivations. I showed him my card, told him about the website and the project, and he was quite cool with it, but I felt like a jerk, nonetheless. I still do a little, though I'm not entirely sure why. As for my intentions and motivations, I was trying to capture something of the poise and elegance of Justina, visible from almost a block away. She is most likely the youngest person I have photographed for this project so far. 


  1. I love her simple, almost modest (by today's standards!) outfit, and the way it contrasts with her edgy, unique haircut. I can only imagine the expression on her father's face when you asked for a picture!

    As an anthropology student, photographer, blogger, and former Philadelphian, your blog is basically the coolest thing ever. Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Thanks, Gwyneth. That made my day. And I dug her haircut too. So sophisticated for someone so young.

  3. This girl is rockin! What a great hair cut, I love when peoples personalities shine through. Maybe its the simplicity of the basic top, shorts and flats in a monochromatic feeling, paired with classic looking pearl earrings. Good on ya for asking her to be apart of your work!
    Xx Linda Chai


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