Monday, August 20, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Former Model Uyen Wynn, South St

Uyen told me, before agreeing to the shoot, that she had, in fact, crossed the street to avoid me when she saw my camera. She'd had a bad experience with someone she assumed was a street style photographer previously. He stuck his camera in her face, chased her down the street, and refused to stop when she asked him to.

That was not how this played out. She agreed to having her picture taken after asking to see my card, which I promptly handed over (I had cards made specifically for the site, in case you're wondering), and realizing I had no intention of accosting her with my camera. "Because you asked so nicely," she said.

Uyen, it turns out, used to model professionally, but stopped when she got tired of being too "out there" in the public eye. She now does something or other related to fashion about which she was intentionally vague. 

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