Friday, July 27, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Matt, Walnut St.

I've seen Matt around town before and thought about stopping him, but the timing was never right. This time, no doubt, the bike sealed the deal. I've said it before: bikes make people look cooler. Not to mention mustaches and mutton chops. And I'm a long time fan of prematurely gray hair. No matter what they say on "What Not to Wear" I think it makes people look younger and more distinguished at the same time.

I love how my new 85mm lens handles portraits. That, of course, is what it's for, and why so many wedding photographers use them. I have to stand further back to take peoples' pictures now — much further back — which I think helps people look more relaxed and natural in the shots. It also poses some challenges on busy sidewalks. Notice the door opening on Matt. Plus, it's tricky getting the focus right. 

They say taking up photography changes the way you see the world around you. You start to frame the scenes you see as if they fit into the viewfinder of a camera. How then, does it change the way you see the world if you're using a 50mm (or rough equivalent) vs. 85mm lens? One, after all, the 50mm, is meant to look as close as possible to the perspective the human eye naturally sees. The other, the 85mm, brings everything much closer. It's like a sudden and immediate intimacy. I find myself continually surprised. 

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  1. Yeah I bet you are really enjoying the upgrade : ) I use a 50mm for my portrait shots on street style, but for wedding photography I prefer to use my longer fixed lenses.


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