Sunday, July 29, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Lyn, 17th St

There are a few demographics, I have to shamefully admit, I have been hesitant to take pictures of for this blog. The one I've been most keenly aware of is people roughly over the age of 40. I'm not sure why. I'm afraid, for some reason, that they might be offended, think I'm making fun of or condescending to them, or simply not know what a street style blog is. That fear was quite suddenly demolished when I saw Lyn walking down 17th St as I turned the corner from Chestnut. I knew I had to take her picture. She has such a quirky and fantastic sense of style, and these are quite possibly my favorite pictures I've taken so far. 


  1. She looks great, and definitely has sharp style. Speaking as a woman who has photographed a number of women over 40 for my blog, 99% think it's wonderful and that I have made their day. I get that when you are a guy shooting street style photos, women will respond to you differently, but as long as your approach is positive and respectful, there is a whole other fabulous demographic out there who are waiting to be discovered.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. she was a delight. and was delighted.

  2. I have found that adult men and women are often much more calm and confident when being photographed in public places than many younger people are. Of course, I am in my fifties, myself, so they may see me as "one of them."

    The woman here was one of my favorites. She was clearly just a little bit embarrassed, but mostly very, very pleased.

  3. I adore these photos! What a great sense of style she has!


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