Monday, July 16, 2012

Philadelphia Street Style: Joshua, 16th St

Nothing says Philly style quite like a slur against New York. NYC, after all, doesn't just eat its own young; it lures in kids from places like Philadelphia to feed its bottomless apetite. And then, of course, it forgets where its meal came from. Philly hands over its rock stars to New York. It offers up its artists and designers. It gave it graffiti too. 

It takes a profile shot to get the full effect of Joshua's hair. He was pleased with the way it puffs out in this picture. Me too.


  1. Hey there, Brent! Love reading your blog. It's great to see someone approach street style blogging with an academic perspective. :)
    Just wanted to note that the shirt worn above is from the HBO show "How to Make It In America"-- it's a classic!

    See :

  2. Thanks. That's good to know. Funny, I watch that show (sometimes), and that fact still escaped me.

  3. nice blog !!!!


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