Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Still Suck at Full Body Portraits, But at Least I Had a Photogenic Subject to Work With — Sauda, Rittenhouse Square

I took over 20 images of Sauda and none of them were bad. That is more credit to her, however, than me.

Notice the "Urban Fieldnotes" watermark in the lower left corner of the image. Emma Arnold, in our interview the other day, convinced me this is the thing to do. I want my images to circulate freely, with the anarchic spirit of open Internet exchange. But I have also too deeply embodied the logic of neoliberal individualism not to want credit for my work. 
I'm getting bored of shooting in Rittenhouse Square. Someone who's never been to Philly before, after perusing my site, is likely to think Philadelphians do nothing but lounge on park benches and concrete walls. I wish that were true. Sadly, people also work here. 
Well, parallax is minimal in this picture. I still feel like I have a long way to go before I'm good a full body portraits, though. I will get better, damn it!

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