Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dr. Martens' Master Plan: Put Cool People on the Crate and the Bloggers Will Come — Skyler, Walnut St

Skyler is my second model from the Walnut St. Dr. Martens store. I shot Christina there a couple weeks back. Two of his coworkers were there too. One asked if I could get the logo in the shot. There it is, or most of it anyway.

"Now it's three of us," one of his co-workers said, referring to the number of them who'd been shot by street style bloggers. But they couldn't be sure. Might have just been two. They knew Christina was one of them

"Skyler's a natural," one of his co-workers said. True enough. I like the blur in this image. It gives the impression that he's surrounded by people but still alone.

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