Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Re-Staging Style

Fashion is not just about clothes. It's also about pose, posture, and the stylization of the ordinary. For a fashion blogger this poses an interesting problem. Often, what captures my attention about someone is not so much what they're wearing per se, but how they're wearing it at that moment, the way they transform themselves and the situation around them through clothes, pose, and gesture. Here are some of my efforts today to re-stage my subjects' own stylization of a moment.

Leslie, in the Harvard stop of the Red Line.

Anne, Newbury Street.

Breaking character after our re-staging.


  1. Sometimes when I interrupt someone who is outside reading or having coffee they automatically get up for the picture and I always end up asking them to sit back down as they were because they looked so lovely doing what they were doing before I came along. Such a funny thing to ask someone to do but oh well. Have you watched this: . I just love this video. There is a part where he stops someone for a photo and says "would you mind if I just do a quick photograph of you standing just like that?" Such a great way to phrase it. But I think maybe you can only get away with being this vague when you are Scott Schumann or Bill Cunningham... I feel the need to provide a little more background information on why I am interested in taking the person's photo.

    1. just watched The Sartorialist video. Great stuff. Really inspiring. I too feel the need to explain myself, and probably give too much info after I take the shots I want. But learning how to stage a good photograph that both has a point of view and is true to the moment I'm trying to capture is quite a challenge. I still have plenty to work on.


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