Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dispatches from Boston

Here are some of my shots from walking around Boston today. Strange shooting in a city I don't know, but turned out well. Beats the hell out of snapping tourist photos. 

Wiley from Discovision Vintage, Newbury Street. He volunteered some of the details of his wardrobe, doing my work for me. Here they are:

Hat: Georih
Tie: Vintage Pierre Cardin
Shoes: Fluevog

Laura, Prudential Center Walkway. Check out her band, Holiday Mountain, at


  1. Thanks! They are the "Herbert" by Fluevog, a basic monkstrap w/ red stitching made a few years back. I work at 'Vog and sell vintage kicks, so I am constantly surrounded by funky footwear!


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