Thursday, April 19, 2012

Denim on Denim - Steph, 43rd St, West Philly

When I asked Steph to take her photo, following after her quickly—but not so quickly as to freak her out—on 43rd St, she said, "Today?! But I don't even think I look that good. I'm not even wearing make-up!"
On NPR's "All Songs Considered" podcast a few weeks back, Robin Hilton (I think) suggested that 2012 was the year of reclaiming and making cool again once maligned musical elements from the 1980s, like saxophone solos and mushy piano melodies. Denim on denim is street fashion's new saxophone solo. 
I've been practicing the flat, blurred background with popping out model effect a la Sartorialist, 21Arrondissement, etc. My aperture is set to 1.7 in aperture priority mode. I like the effect but clearly lost a bit of clarity, as the sky was quite grey, and the shutter speed no doubt had to compensate. Should have set the ISO higher than 100. 


  1. before I read this i was thinking "nice depth of field"

    1. well, then mission accomplished! I shall be trying that technique again.


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