Thursday, April 5, 2012

Antoine - Rittenhouse

Bill Cunningham's perpetual raincoat and sneakers aside, I felt decidedly underdressed for street style photography today. It's hard to judge other's peoples' outfits when you're dressed like a schlub. Note to self: dress better. And do something about that hair.

On  a lighter note, for the first time I did not feel nervous before going out shooting today. Also, last night I did a skype interview with the awesome Dana Landon of Seattle's It's My Darlin'. She's been something of a spirit guide to street style for me this last week and a half. I'm transcribing the interview now and will be posting portions of it here within the next few days.
Style = the harmonious juxtaposition of incongruous elements. 

Flats with no socks on men. Suddenly everywhere. Also, I like the balance of blue and green in this outfit. Seldom have I seen color combinations so meticulously plotted out.

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