Thursday, March 29, 2012

West Philadelphia - Still Not Saturated with Street Style Bloggers

Clearly the normalcy of blogging is disproportionately distributed in Philadelphia. In Center City, people practically seemed to be expecting to be photographed. Or at least, they weren't particularly taken aback when I asked. After all, if you google "street style philadelphia" nearly every shot you'll find was taken in Rittenhouse Square. Street style is becoming a regular thing there. Not so much in West Philly. The denizens of Baltimore Ave (roughly between 43rd and 52nd) responded to me with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. "Who is this dude with a camera?" I imagined them thinking. "And what does he want?" I had my first rejections today. "Sorry, I'm a little camera shy," this girl told me. Fair enough. "Nah, we're okay," this guy said to me after his friend, sizing me up, asked me if I had any credentials to show him. "No," I told him. "I don't have credentials. I have a blog."

Sal, just off Baltimore Ave, West Philadelphia. She was in a hurry to meet a friend but graciously posed for me anyway.  I dig the way she infuses punk and hippy elements into West Philly hip.

Teddy, Baltimore Ave, West Philadelphia. Just leaving the Green Line Cafe. Biking in ties is not just for gray-bearded  Milanese professors anymore! I'm glad we're getting a little of Pitti Uomo in University City these days. 


  1. That is interesting that there are so many street style bloggers in Philly. Especially since it sounds like there are only a few limited areas that area that are good for finding photos. Have you seen anyone else out shooting in your the times you have been out?

    Only one in Seattle. Every once in a while another one will start up but after a few weeks they stop posting.

  2. I think Philly is more or less the same. Lots of bloggers start out ambitiously enough, then peter out after a few entries. I haven't found any consistent or enduring Philly street style bloggers yet. And I haven't run into any bloggers while shooting (though I have seen a number of people milling about with cameras - who didn't exactly have a tourist vibe). But when bloggers are still shooting, they shoot at Rittenhouse Square. Plus, several local newspapers and magazines now shoot street style sections there as well. And I believe that's where Yvan Rodic went when he was in town a few weeks back. I'm on the market for new locations. Haven't found a good alternative yet.

  3. Farmers markets! Also, sections of town with great restaurants at about 6-8pm Friday and Saturday night. You catch the well dressed people between their late 20's- early 40's heading out for dinner in their classy attire. It's a fun switch from the daytime "hipster" look.

  4. Oh, yes farmers' markets! esp. in w. philly in the summer time. The one at Clark Park on Saturdays from 8-1 is the best for capturing some of w philly styles. Mary E

  5. Thanks. That's high on the agenda. Hopefully the weekend after next. Next weekend I'll be shooting in Boston.


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